Tilburgse Your Sport Pro receives investment Brabant Startup Fund

The Tilburg-based startup Your Sport Pro, located in Building 88 in the Spoorzone in Tilburg, has raised an investment via the Brabant Startup Fund. With this investment, owner Daan Hullegie can accelerate national growth and further develop the platform. In 2015, Daan started yoursportpro.nl, a platform where trainer and athlete can find each other. Daan: "This is where the sports offer becomes more transparent and accessible." The platform grew into a successful online marketplace with an extensive sports offer where athletes can find the trainer they need on a daily basis. More than 2,800 trainers have already joined the platform throughout the Netherlands.

How does it work? "With your objective and sports discipline, the platform will introduce you to a number of trainers in your region. Through the profile of the trainer, who appeals to you most, you contact him or her." This platform brings specialised training methods closer to the average athlete. "I believe you have to invest to reach your goal. Top athletes have a whole team of specialists around them, from trainer to physiotherapist, from nutritionist to sports psychologist. This is not the case for everyone. Finding the specialist to help you reach your goal, that's what makes Your Sport Pro possible. I want to make that more accessible and thus make the average athlete better."

riesland Campina

From a commercial point of view, companies can also turn to Your Sport Pro. Friesland Campina, for example, used the platform. Users of the Vifit product were able to win five sessions with a personal trainer as a win action. The prize winners redeemed their prizes via Your Pro Sport by finding a personal trainer that suits them. "Looking to the future, our platform can be an alternative to the discounted fitness subscription that many companies offer their employees. Not everyone needs fitness or can continue to motivate themselves for it. With us, you can really find what suits you, so you'll be able to hold out better."

National coverage

In order to be able to respond better to developments and trends in the sport, the platform works together with Zeloo, the management and marketing agency behind athletes such as Marianne Vos, Steven Kruijswijk, Gianni Romme and Tom Dumoulin. Together with Zeloo, Hullegie turned his idea into a working platform in 2016. The platform now has a national coverage of some 2,800 trainers. "We have grown organically without using marketing. This has enabled us to monitor what is happening on the platform and to discover its potential. A few tons of turnover value has been generated for the trainers."

Support trainers

Hullegie also sees that trainers need support in marketing and administration. "Trainers spend an average of five hours a week on marketing and three hours on administration. That's eight hours they can't claim. We can respond to this so that they can focus on what they are good at: guiding athletes." In the beginning, the trainers made free use of the platform. "In this way, the offer could grow rapidly and we could check whether we were on the right track," explains Hullegie. There is now a fee for trainers.


With the investment of the Brabant Startup Fund, Hullegie wants to take the following steps: accelerate growth and develop the platform with the feedback of both the athlete and the sports trainer. "After some technical adjustments to the platform, we're going to blast to test different earning models behind the scenes. With a well-functioning earning model, the next investment round will start in January "to eventually grow into a European platform".

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