TRAVIS Road Services collects investment from Shell Ventures

Tilburg scale up TRAVIS Road Services has collected an investment round from Shell Ventures. TRAVIS' booking platform ( connects hauliers with local road service providers, such as truck wash, tank cleaning, truck parking and repair. With this investment, Shell Ventures will enable Travis to further accelerate its expansion within Europe.

From regional player to international scale up

TRAVIS originated in the daily practice of a truck wash company, where one encountered the inefficient and costly administrative process of finding, booking and paying for road services. By investing in technology, years of experience were converted into an innovative digital solution. The booking platform connects carriers with local road service providers. More than 500 service locations have now joined the TRAVIS network and more than 60,000 truckers are currently using the platform. The Tilburg-based company has grown from a regional player to an international scale up. TRAVIS is currently active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Denmark, Spain, Poland and Austria and aims for full European coverage in the next few years.

Cost, time and detour kilometres are now saved

"In order to be able to load a cargo and then drive from A to B, a driver uses road services such as truck wash and tank cleaning. Finding and paying for these essential services used to be a manual and time-consuming process and required a lot of administrative work for both transporters and road service providers. TRAVIS automates this process of finding, booking and paying for road services, resulting in simple and fast transactions," says Dennis van Veggel, founder and CEO of TRAVIS. "Thanks to our extensive European network, we can optimise the planning of transporters and thus save costs, time and detour kilometres".

Travis strengthens positions

Van Veggel: "In the near future, we anticipate that smart (autonomous) vehicles will automatically find, book and pay for the best available road service on the basis of 'real-time' data. We call this data-driven road services. We hear from our customers and partners that, by automating this booking process, we are reducing their administrative burden and giving them more insight and control over their road services. TRAVIS enables transporters to strengthen their position in the increasingly international logistics sector". 

Ambition to conquer the European market

"We believe in TRAVIS' ambition to conquer the European road services market," says Peter van Giessel, Investment Director at Shell Ventures. "TRAVIS bundles and unlocks distinctive and often dispersed road services that are essential for the safety and efficiency of fleets. It enables carriers to locate, book and even pay for these essential services with fuel cards, such as the Shell Card. I am convinced that as the number of connected vehicles increases, the demand for data-driven road services will grow. Against this background, combined with the growing economies of scale, we are confident that the ambitious TRAVIS team will continue to conquer the road services market".

Why Tilburg?

Dennis van Veggel founder and CEO of TRAVIS: "We are originally a Tilburg-based company and are deeply rooted in the regional logistics sector. For example, GVT Group of Logistics, P&M Express and Kuijpers Group, also companies in Tilburg, were the first users of our platform and have helped us enormously with this. In Tilburg, the lines of communication are short and are often about logistics, which means that there is a great deal of knowledge and expertise available. This combined with up-and-coming talent from Tilburg University and Avans University of Applied Sciences, makes us ideally placed to realise our international growth ambition."

About Travis Road Services

TRAVIS Road Services provides transporters with an extensive European network of road services. By using the TRAVIS booking platform, transporters can find, book and pay for services such as truck wash, tank cleaning, truck parking and repair. The network expands daily with qualified partners and services expanded. TRAVIS offers insight and grip and enables transporters to manage their road services: maximum convenience and control guaranteed. More information about TRAVIS can be found at:

About Shell Ventures

Shell Ventures, founded in 1998, is the venture capital fund of Royal Dutch Shell plc ("Shell") with offices in Europe, the US, India and China. Shell Ventures invests in innovative technologies and business models in the fields of oil and gas, renewable energy and changing mobility. 

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