Truck parking at the Vossenberg business park definitively opened

Because for many years there has been a lot of nuisance on the business parks caused by trucks parked along the road, with drivers even spending the night in the trucks and camping on the roadside, a pilot project was started in 2016 to solve this problem.

The Vital Associations of Vossenberg, Loven and Katsbogten, the BOM, the Versteijnen company and the municipality have taken this up together and have constructed a temporary truck parking on the Letostraat on Vossenberg.

Three years later, the truck parking is a success. The college then decided to build a definitive parking lot for Vossenberg on the Theseusstraat on the Vossenberg business park. This definitive car park will now be opened on 30 September, thus contributing to our business climate and facilitating Tilburg even more as a logistics hotspot. 

The car park is equipped with basic sanitary facilities, picnic benches, camera surveillance, lighting and underground waste containers. The Municipality of Tilburg is investing approximately 2 million euros in this truck parking facility. Vitaal Vossenberg will be responsible for part of the operation. It should be noted that during this pilot for the Loven and Katsbochten business parks, it became clear that drivers found the travel time to the car park at Vossenberg too long. This means that an alternative solution has to be found for these business parks. The municipality is in discussion with the Vital associations of these sites about this.

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