Two Tilburg agencies voted the best internet agencies in the Netherlands

Two Tilburg-based internet agencies can call themselves the best internet agency in the Netherlands: ezCompany and Magneds. With 5.5 stars, they were both awarded the shared first place in the Emerce 100 in the category 'Internet agencies Fullservice - Medium'. PauwR and Freshheads from Tilburg also score well in the list.


ezCompany was founded in 2001 and specializes in the development of smart websites based on Drupal. With 50 employees, ezCompany is the largest Drupal specialist in the Netherlands. The internet agency even ranks among the top 30 companies worldwide that contribute most to the development of the open source platform. ezCompany was also named Tilburg's Company of the Month earlier this year. 


 For Magneds, the first place in the list is not new, and for the second year in a row they are number 1 in the 'Digital Agency Fullservice' category. Magneds devises and develops online loyalty programmes and tailor-made savings programmes for ambitious consumer brands. The internet agency has previously won awards at The Loyalty Magazine Awards, AMMA Awars, SpinAwards, Digital Emmy Awards and Dutch Interactive Awards.


PauwR does not win any prizes for the first time either. For example, they are number three in the top of Best Workplaces Small 2018. With 5 stars in the Emerce 100, PauwR scores the highest score in the category Digital marketing agencies. They share this place with seven other agencies. PauwR helps Dutch companies and organisations with an annual advertising budget to successfully make the transition to digital advertising.


In the 'Digital Agency Fullservice' category, the internet agency Freshheads is also listed with a 4.5 star rating. Freshheads has been around for more than fifteen years now and excels in devising and realising online concepts that matter. This is reflected in platforms, apps and channels that match the message, brand identity and user needs optimally. Fresheads had already been nominated for a European Design Award.

List of lists of digital agencies

List of digital agency lists The Emerce 100 is compiled annually by the leading trade journal Emerce in collaboration with research agency Motivaction. The Emerce 100 is no longer limited to 100 companies. This year, more than 600 suppliers are listed in the top lists. They have been reviewed for their online services by decision makers working in the fields of online marketing, ICT and e-business. The research focused on issues such as knowledge/know-how, price-quality ratio and reliability. The Emerce 100 helps clients to choose an agency in the now complex digital landscape.