Unique container terminal' comes to Tilburg

It will continue: at the head of the port at the Loven industrial estate in Tilburg will be a transhipment terminal for containers. Unique for Brabant', the province of Noord-Brabant observes. After all, it is the first location where the containers will be delivered and transported, both by water and by rail.

We can start", says initiator Wil Versteijnen of the GVT Group of Logistics with pleasure. The green light has been given now that Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (VVD, infrastructure and water management) has informed the Lower House that she wants to invest money in it. GVT itself, the municipality of Tilburg and the province are also doing the same. An exceptional public-private partnership", says Versteijnen.

Preparation for construction starts next year

It is not yet known how many euros each partner will contribute. The exact distribution will be finalised in the first quarter of 2020. But Versteijnen now knows that preparations for construction can begin next year. According to him, construction is expected to start in 2021. The terminal should be operational by the end of 2022.

For the construction of the three-hectare complex, the swing basin on the Zuiderkruisweg will be filled in. Containers can be hoisted from train or truck to ship. In order to make the terminal accessible to container ships, the harbor arm must be deepened. Versteijnen also connects the existing freight railway at Loven with the terminal.

It is precisely this combination of rail and water that has prompted the authorities to take this initiative to the Tilburg Freight Exchange. Making this development possible means 50 to 60,000 fewer trucks a year on the road. It also contributes to the climate objectives. That is a common interest", says a spokesman for Commissioner Christophe van der Maat (VVD, mobility). 

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