Virtual reality in education: the Spacebuzz

SPACEBUZZ is a revolutionary Virtual Reality non-profit education programme, developed in collaboration between Mindlabs, Tilburg University and ESA astronaut André Kuipers. The aim of the programme is to inspire children to become ambassadors of the earth. During the Dutch Technology Week, students from ten different primary schools in Tilburg and the surrounding area are trained to become astronauts and make a space journey in a lifelike rocket.

The SPACEBUZZ programme uses the latest technology to teach children in a playful way about themes such as space, the earth, science and technology. Prof. Dr. Max Louwerse and Maarten Horden have worked closely with the SPACEBUZZ team over the past year. Dr. Marie Postma and PhD student Anna van Limpt recently joined the team as part of the VSNU Digital Society Agenda.

The aim is to investigate innovation in the education system, from primary school to university. Louwerse and his team are already doing this in the DAF Technology Lab, the virtual and mixed reality lab on campus, but are now going a step further. Louwerse: "We want to offer a learning programme in which children learn without realising that they are learning!" With the help of Virtual Reality combined with artifical intelligence and serious gaming, this can be achieved.

The SpaceBuzz project falls within the themes of interactive technology and human behaviour of MindLabs, the initiative in the Spoorzone, where Tilburg University is one of the central partners. The rocket will therefore also come to the Dutch Technology Week on 20-22 May to take children with them on an educational space journey. On 23 and 24 May, the rocket will be on Tilburg University's campus.

On Thursday and Friday students can visit the SPACEBUZZ rocket by drawing lots.

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