At the Burgemeester Baron van Voorst to Voorstweg Albion is somewhat hidden between the trees. For the Tilburger this business park is mainly known for the presence of the municipal environmental center.

In addition to the well-known environmental street, you will find several old iron dealers, demolition companies and the fire training practice center in Albion. The feeling of Albion? Entrepreneurship with a raw edge. Various branches of the automotive industry are represented at the Albion business park. Think of car wreckers Damen, Autopoetsbedrijf Perfect or motorrevisiteerbedrijf Wiebrand van Abeelen. You will also find several companies in the construction sector: Blasting and coating company Strabeko, Overdijk Beton Sierbetrating, Hamilton Metaalhandel and H. de Kok Metaal and Schroothandel. Albion in numbers Albion covers approximately 45 hectares and offers space to more than 25 companies. These are the figures for business locations and jobs in 2017: Business locations: Total: 27 Wholesale and retail trade: 17 Building industry: 5 Industry: 2 Water; waste (water) management: 1 Other business services: 1 Public administration, government: 1 Jobs: Total: 137 Wholesale and retail trade: 50 Industry: 26 Building industry: 24 Public administration, government: 19 Water; waste (water) management: 17 Other business services: 1