T-Huis Spoorpark

Eating and drinking together, in the living room of Tilburg.

T-Huis only has one mission in mind for their guests: enjoy. The T-Huis is located in the middle of the Spoorpark and can be visited as a restaurant and café for the most delicious dishes, a cup of coffee or a delicious T. The T-Huis has something for every thirsty visitor! For those who want to linger a bit longer there is a Taco-bar where we lovingly prepare fresh tacos they envy in Mexico! 

Opening times

  • Every monday at 10:00
  • Every tuesday at 10:00
  • Every wednesday at 10:00
  • Every thursday at 10:00
  • Every friday at 10:00
  • Every saturday at 10:00
  • Every sunday at 10:00