Het Laar

On the south side of Tilburg lies Het Laar, a mixed business park where production companies, offices and a large concentration of business service providers are located.

Het Laar was developed at the end of the 1980s and 137 companies are active on the business park, mainly in business services. Because of its …

Het Laar was developed at the end of the 1980s and 137 companies are active on the business park, mainly in business services. Because of its location on the A58, Het Laar is easily accessible by road, but also by public transport the area is easily accessible. A number of notable companies A prominent innovative company on the Laar is Creon in Tilburg. This company is the market leader in the Netherlands in the development and delivery of special furniture for 24/7 applications. Just to give an example: Creon designs and supplies, for example, the emergency room tables that will equip all 112 emergency rooms in the Netherlands over the next five years. Another great techie at Het Laar is Bosch Transmission Technology. The company is market leader in the development and mass production of push belts for the continuously variable transmission (CVT). The branch of the globally operating company has more than 1,300 employees in Tilburg. The so-called competence center in Tilburg is directly connected to offices in the US, China, Japan and Vietnam with satellite connections. And then the most recent pearl. If you drive on the A58, the new futuristic head office of Rhenus Contract Logistics is a real eye-catcher. In terms of surface, it is a giant on the Het Laar industrial estate. In total, the logistics company has an area of ​​60,500 square meters of which 40,000 square meters of warehouse space. There are 45 loading docks and with its solar panels and heating without gas, it is still a sustainable building. csm_Impression_new_headoffice_Rhenus_Contract_Logistics_in_Tilburg_b25da797fd.jpg The Laar in numbers Het Laar covers 56 hectares of business park. These are the figures for business locations and jobs in 2017: Business locations Total: 137 Special business services: 29 Wholesale and retail trade: 27 Health and well-being: 16 Building industry: 10 Education: 10 Other business services: 9 Industry: 8 Financial institutions: 8 Information and communication: 7 Culture, sport and recreation: 4 Transport and storage: 3 Catering: 2 Real estate: 2 Agriculture, forestry and fishing: 1 Other services: 1 Jobs Total: 3978 Industry: 1635 Financial institutions: 812 Other business services: 277 Special business services: 255 Building industry: 245 Wholesale and retail trade: 230 Information and communication: 199 Health and well-being: 136 Education: 78 Culture, sport and recreation: 58 Catering: 35 Transport and storage: 7 Agriculture, forestry and fishing: 4 Other services: 4 Property: 3