In conversation with students from Fontys University of the Arts

In 2004, Canadian artist Chris MacClure was the initiator of International Artist Day. What is the purpose of this day? To achieve that artists are recognised for their contribution to our society but also to promote and increase their credibility and visibility, both locally and globally. And to contribute to this, we sat down with several makers from Fontys University of the Arts (FHK).

Fun fact: The date of 25 October for International Day of the Artist is no coincidence, on 25 October 1881 one of Spain's most famous artists was born: Pablo Picasso.

Fontys University for the Arts

For those who make the world turn the other way... 

You start from your artistic discipline and your critical attitude towards society. 
In an open, free atmosphere and stimulating educational and research environment, you will shape your own artistic language and our common future together with other art students, teachers and the professional field.

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