Tilburg-based Nayohmé makes poetic debut with book 'Genoeg'

On 2 December, Tilburg-based Nayohmé (MusicAllFactory alumna & working at Factorium) launches her debut poetry collection 'Genoeg'. In it, she takes you on a poetic quest through pain towards acceptance. The book will be available via her webshop and during the book launch on 2 December 19.30 at Factorium. This evening, she will present a musical show in which she will bring the book to life. She will do this together with Tilburg jazz pianist and singer Pau Li Liem and the Tilburg rock duo Doc's Lobby.

Nayohmé, stage name of Naomi Bimbergen (27), is a Dutch writer and performer. Her writing style combines sharp edges with powerful, poetic scenes that immediately capture the imagination. In her upcoming book 'Enough', she embraces darkness and celebrates the willpower that lies behind pain. But also how these components constantly reinforce each other. "The more pain you have, the less you can do, the more you actually want to be able to do. It's so easy to get into that downward spiral. I did that unintentionally and slid all the way down." In her own words, she was shocked by what she found in the "ravine of her head". In the book, she gives you a detailed tour of it.


The book consists of two chapters: myself and to cherish. Put them together and you get a valuable lesson right away. "The book is not meant to be a success story or guide to an enlightened life. That was precisely what resisted me for so long in completing the writing process: a 'fairytale happy ending'. As a result, it was never, ha-ha, enough for me." When she let go of this concept, there was finally the freedom to create exactly what she wanted to communicate. "I was still in that pit. I'm still definitely hanging in that pit with one leg. And yet I wrote a book. And do you know what that book was? Enough."

The first chapter focuses on her struggle with dark thoughts and both physical and emotional pain. Think topics like depression, suicide, letting go and acceptance. The second chapter is about love and grief. "Pure heartbreak and grief feel exactly the same to me. Having to let go of someone you love. It is perhaps the most intense pain I have ever experienced."

No guidelines

As intense as the topics may be, Nayohmé does not see her book as a brick to swallow. "I think it's just how you take it and read it. Of course they are heavy feelings and thoughts that are described, but there is so much strength, hope and love in them. Having said that, people are of course free to take it entirely as they see fit. There is no guideline. That would also totally go against the vision with which I wrote it."


All in all, then, quite a full plate for the writer. But how is Nayohmé doing now? "Yes... cliffhanger. Come back to it in the second book haha. No, that's a joke. I don't want to jynx anything, but when you consider that three quarters of a year ago I was like a cash crop and now I'm working, studying and publishing a book, I think I'm incredibly lucky. I'm very grateful."

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