Kamerata Zuid with Sarah Neutkens on Best Kept Secret

Next week it's already time for Best Kept Secret! A unique festival that focuses on connecting people, cultures and disciplines through music. For three days, the festival grounds of the Beekse Bergen will be transformed into a Valhalla for music lovers. And this year, the Tilburg-based Kamerata Zuid is adding a special experience!

Best Kept Secret's program offers something for everyone, from well-known names to hidden gems in the music world. It is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in an enchanting atmosphere, surrounded by beautiful nature and like-minded souls. And this year, on Sunday, June 11 at Best Kept Secret, you can witness an exclusive collaboration between Sarah Neutkens and Kamerata Zuid! Sarah Neutkens is a pianist, composer, visual artist, model and writer. In 2023 she released her third album: 'What is Sarah Neutkens Thinking'. Especially for Best Kept Secret, Neutkens arranged compositions, which she will perform together with the orchestra of Kamerata Zuid during the 'Sunday Service' at Best Kept Secret. This certainly promises to be a special and unforgettable experience!

This performance is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you won't find anywhere else. It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy innovative classical music and to discover what special possibilities music has to offer.

About Kamerata Zuid

Kamerata Zuid 'plays' with classical music and connects people with classical music, presenting classical and contemporary music in a new setting. In this they pair contemporary artists with classical composers, such as rock star Jett Rebel and composer Chiel Meijering. Schouwburg & Concertzaal Tilburg is the permanent home base where the orchestra rehearses and develops new productions. Want to know more about Kamerata Zuid? Check the website for all the information!

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