Living Labs

A strong demarcation between sectors will disappear. Working together and crossing over will make you innovate faster. Tilburg has numerous projects and locations where innovations arise as a result of crossovers between sectors, agencies or professional groups. Unique collaborations and the desire to make a difference together make entrepreneurs leaders. Here it is possible, here we change the world.

Entrepreneurship is pioneering

Tilburg is a testing ground for numerous initiatives, with both economic and social added value. Businesses, government and education find each other in innotive hubs and help each other further. Often from the bottom up and thus initiated by business and education. A co-operating government then ensures that the hubs get a successful start.

Living Labs Projects

Fuji Open Innovation Hub

The Fuji Open Innovation Hub is located in the production and R&D center in Tilburg. In this hub, Fujifilm invites partners to work together to find solutions for technological challenges. After Japan and the US, this is Fujifilm's third Open Innovation Hub worldwide.

The Open Innovation Hubs are designed in such a way that partners can become acquainted with Fujifilm's most important technologies and products. The goal is to search together for opportunities and to create a basis for future collaboration. With the existing fundamental technologies presented in the European Open Innovation Hub, Fujifilm develops a wide range of products for various markets. The markets represented in the Open Innovation Hub Europe are healthcare, energy & environment and industry & solutions, areas in which Fujifilm is a leader in technological innovation.

"Our mission at Fujifilm is to connect with the innovative society and then work together on solutions to technological problems. This allows us to bring new values to society," says Takaaki Kurose, president of Fujifilm Europe. "This new facility increases Fujifilm's presence in Europe and underlines our commitment to the area where we have been doing business for 50 years.

Fundamental technologies 
In the decades of research and development for photographic film, Fujifilm has developed many unique and patented technologies.  Examples are high precision coating, nano-dispersion, grain formation and functional polymers.  Fujifilm also applied these technologies in non-photographic areas and the company's activities now cover a much wider area, so that new markets are becoming increasingly diversified.  These technologies include medical and pharmaceutical applications, high-performance semiconductor materials, photovoltaic applications, wastewater treatment and gas separation applications. 

Ideation process
In the new European Open Innovation Hub, customers and new partners can enter into a constructive dialogue with leading Fujifilm technical experts. Using the latest technical tools in the hub, a creative process is stimulated, which accelerates the creation of new ideas to solve technological challenges. The new Open Innovation Hub has four spaces where the latest Fujifilm technologies come to life for the visitor: the spaces 'encounter, 'learn, 'touch' and 'create'.

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