Not a capital but a heart city

"Here I breathe freely and feel happy", said King Willem II about Tilburg. That says something about the city. Everyone is welcome here. Tilburg is raw, experimental, social, has humour, is contrary and decisive. What you see is what you get. This is where you come to invent the future for your company.

Doing business together is in the blood of our Tilburgers. By actively seeking each other out, close collaborations are created. With an unbreakable bond as a result. By combining knowledge and skills, Tilburg entrepreneurs put their city on the map. But people also know where to find us outside Tilburg. HEMA opened its first flagship store here, we are the only city in the south of the Netherlands with the Big 3 (Hudson's Bay, Primark and Decathlon), DHL opened the world's second CityHub in Tilburg and Unilever knows perfectly the route to Tilburg for testing new products. Because: if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

Pilot city and breeding ground of the Netherlands

We think it's time to stop hiding our quality as the 'most normal and social city in the Netherlands' and make it special. In Tilburg we have the most fertile test ground for large and small companies that want to continuously develop new realities. So many cool things happen here, and often almost automatically. This is due to the climate in Tilburg: a meeting of knowledge, data, labour, talent, creativity, diversity, logistic facilities and a flexible and collaborative policy.