Creative vanguard

Creative people find and inspire each other in many areas. Design, design, art, music, theatre, communication, media and ICT flourish in creative working spaces. Here, the creators make innovative products that amaze the world. Above all, we are proud that Tilburg is a source for talented people who use their ideas to make the world a better place.

Kunst met de letter T

Nowhere else in Brabant can you find so many successful online specialists, digital marketing agencies and digital innovation accelerators as here in Tilburg. And nowhere is innovation between the arts, culture and digital sectors so embraced. We are a city of creators. The boundary between art, design, engineering and science is slowly disappearing, and new forms of creative expression are emerging. The big difference with traditional art forms is that art is in the software. Not in the lines of code, but in the sum of these lines combined and interacting on the Internet. The implications of this are enormous. Breaking conventions, reinventing yourself, working together off the beaten track; we'll love it! Such as the INC. project, an initiative of Tilt, in which companies/agencies are linked to a writer in residence, which provides great insights and stories. The video below is about the collaboration between PauwR (digital agency) and writer Glenn Markesteijn.

Makers verhalen