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Different activities, or even all activities from the production chain in one location. You can see this in more and more companies. Cross-overs arise, as a result of which business activities and economic sectors become intertwined in a single location, within a single organisation. This leads to new, integrated economic clusters, chains or networks. As a result, for example, the boundaries between industrial production (manufacturing industry), industrial maintenance (maintenance), transport, transhipment, assembly (logistics) and marketing and sales, e-commerce and business services (e.g. insurance) disappear. In this way, a modern industrial cluster is formed.


Tilburg can make the link between logistics and modern industry

The link between modern industrial activity and excellent distribution networks distinguishes the city from other logistics centres. This link also creates special economic opportunities. The logistics surrounding maintenance companies (the so-called service logistics) is an example of this. The result is high added value: logistics largely determines the ultimate quality of service to the customer. Companies such as Agristo, BOA Netherlands, CAPI, P. van der Wegen Gears, Bierens, Tesla, Standard Aero, Group of Butchers and Art Group already work closely with logistics partners and form crossovers to be able to switch quickly. 


Agristo is a world player with a production facility on Vossenberg. From there, the high-quality frozen products such as fries and wedges are produced and then distributed to consumers in more than 115 countries. A crucial link in the operational management is high-performance supply chain management. From the fully-automated warehouse, a shipment leaves approximately every 7 minutes, whether by truck on the road, to the BTT for inland shipping and further shipping. This last mode of transport offers the company from Tilburg greater flexibility in loading and also means an enormous profit for the environment.

Boa Netherlands

BOA Netherlands, High Tech Part of the global BOA Group, manufactures various flexible components such as stainless steel hoses, bellows and expansion joints for demanding applications in industry, automotive and aviation. In the Netherlands, stainless steel hoses are produced for ASML. These are mostly 'high-tech' activities, carried out in a clean room, in which very high demands are placed on the product quality and logistics. Due to strong growth, BOA Nederland recently moved from Loven to T58.


For Capi, it is less and less profitable to have production take place in lower-wage countries, taking into account the quality of the products supplied and the environment. Since then, Capi has been producing again in Tilburg in a far-reaching robotised environment, with the employees focusing on development, packaging and labelling.

P. van de Wegen Gears

Tilburg is a world leader in the production of gears. These companies develop with the presence of knowledge, innovative strength and human capital. The companies also focus on the production and maintenance of the gears. Van der Wegen Gears has recently built a new production hall for the world's largest gear machine for a gear diameter of up to 30 metres and 250 tonnes.


In the assembly activities of Tesla in Tilburg, the interwovenness of production and manufacture with logistics is visible. The assembly for the entire European Union takes place in Tilburg. In the second branch that opened in Tilburg in September 2015, a large number of parts will be processed and assembled into a ready-to-run car. 
To this end, all kinds of tests are carried out on the cars in the building. In addition, the Tilburg Factory is regarded as the technical head office for Europe. Storage of spare parts, maintenance, etc. will take place from the second location in Tilburg. 

Standard Aero

Maintenance of aircraft engines. At the Tilburg site, maintenance is carried out on engines and spare parts for the engines are stored. In the 'Aerospace' this involves high-quality parts and a lot of added value. In addition, StandardAero maintenance engineers fly all over the world to carry out maintenance work for customers. This makes StandardAero a typical example of a maintenance company in which maintenance activities, knowledge and logistics are bundled.

Group of Butchers

Group of Butchers produce meat products and meat products. In consultation with the customer, they make these products exactly to measure. Both the head office and the production of grilled meat products are located in Tilburg. The company also has three other factories in the Netherlands, a distribution centre in Boxtel and two factories in Belgium. Characteristic of this company is that in addition to the traditional butcher's products, it provides an extensive support programme. The extensive sales organisation supports its customers in category management with market data and an accompanying field service. Tilburg was deliberately chosen because of its central location in our market area, the Benelux, and they work together with several logistics service providers from Tilburg.

Art Group

In the Art Group, several toolmakers have joined forces with the aim of positioning the standard tool shop higher up in the supply chain: from contract manufacturer for making stamps, moulds and parts to an organisation with development possibilities and in-house knowledge and skills to advise customers during the design phase. A development from companies with years of specialist knowledge to a 'modern' organization in which specialist knowledge is expanded with customer-oriented services and R&D.

IFF, Agristo, Fuji and Coca Cola

Collaboration of some larger companies in Tilburg who all dispose of polluted water. They have jointly invested in the development of the largest private industrial wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Europe, which ensures that the water is fed into the drainage systems with less pollution. See also this article of Installatieprofs.