Make it smart

'Making' is in our blood. Tilburg, as part of the broader Brainport region, is a forerunner in Smart Industry. Therefore the leading large companies such as Tesla, Bosch Transmission Technology, FujiFilm and numerous highly innovative MKB - companies are located here.

Cool project

On the initiative of Gate2/Midpoint Brabant a collaboration has been established between Cool Industries - Pathema and Ericsson. Together they want to prove that Pathema's sustainable water treatment installations in combination with Cool Industries' closed cooling towers and evaporative condensers will become the new standard for the industry.

Ericsson will collect, visualise and analyse the data generated by the cooling tower and water treatment in the Cloud. By measuring, analysing and acting, a Condition Based Maintenance system will be created. With this innovative technique, new business models are created that will improve the reliability, energy efficiency and sustainability of these installations in the industry. 

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