Smart Logistics

Mid Brabant has a huge logistics industry, and not for nothing: the region has an outstanding location with regard to the rest of Europe. Rail, water and road connections run through the Tilburg region from all big ports and airports. They come together here and spread the logistics possibilities far throughout Europe and the rest of the world. The Tilburg region is not for nothing the logistics hotspot #1 in the Netherlands.


Forerunner in Smart Logistics

The Tilburg region is one of the fastest growing logistics hubs in Europe with a huge logistics sector and a fantastic location for reaching the rest of Europe. The region was named the number 1 logistics hotspot in the Netherlands in 2019 for a reason. Because of the exceptionally favourable and central location, but also through the good infrastructure, accessibility and enterprising climate on an international level. When it comes to innovation, the Tilburg region is a forerunner in smart logistics and will be a testing ground in the coming years for the transition to responsible distribution. So, the huge, prosperous sales market of Europe is at the feet of Tilburg and its entrepreneurs.


Central and western Brabant form the fourth economy of the Netherlands in added value and the second for industry. We are also the greatest and most important logistics hub on the Rotterdam-European hinterland corridor. Our industrial logistics complex is thus of huge national and international importance. Central and western Brabant are located centrally in the Flemish-Dutch delta, on (inter)national knowledge and transport axes, between the main ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and Brainport Eindhoven, in a lovely landscape where sea, sand and clay embrace. With an internal market of 1.2 million consumers and a range, via the logistics hub, of 500 million Europeans, we have a workable and relevant scale level, and great potential for supra-regional impact.


The logistics hotspots are found on the industrial parks of the Tilburg region. Railport Brabant and Barge Terminal Tilburg process containers from all over the world. With Rotterdam and Antwerp so close, your company in Tilburg has access to the two largest ports in Europe. Last year, a cooperative association was set up between POR (Port of Rotterdam) and Mid Brabant resulting in a Gateway Rotterdam MidBrabant to service transport companies and logistics companies better and faster. Through a sophisticated network of motorways, goods can get to and from the ports in the shortest period of time.


The same roads also extend to all of the large airports in Europe, with connections to the rest of the world: Schiphol Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt. And, even more important, to the regional airports such as Rotterdam and Eindhoven, that are becoming more and more important in the inter-regional flow of people and goods. Through the unique location, the rail and now the internal shipping traffic is getting bigger and bigger in and via Mid Brabant. Through traffic and transfers are big business, through a combination of space, resources and professional knowledge. With constantly expanding possibilities. So even places deep in China are connected to Tilburg, including through direct rail connections. 


Mid Brabant has a total of 2562 companies working in the logistics industry. Of these, 1911 companies have indirect connections (wholesaling) with the logistics industry and 651 work directly in the industry (transport and storage/information and communication). All together, they have nearly 24,431 employees, which is 13% of the total employment market in the region of Mid Brabant and achieve a turnover of 2.1 billion euros. A large number of prestigious companies are based in Tilburg and the surrounding area. Some are: Tesla, Smart Wares Group, Ahold, Xenos, DocData, Coca Cola, Fuji Film, H&M, Sacha, The Sting, Dobotex, Dell,, Apple, Cool Blue, UPS, Samsung, LG, Capi and Elho. 


To keep a logistics company running, you need good staff. This comes from Tilburg University, Avans and ROC. With programmes such as logistics management, supply chain management, logistics team leader, goods driver, transport or logistics engineering, there is plenty of talent in the region. Tilburg University trains international students in economics, law and the social sciences. A particularly interesting branch in this is the master's programme in Supply Chain Management. And professionals graduate every year from the many institutions for (higher) vocational education in various subjects such as technology and economy, but also in communications, international business and e-marketing. A special exponent of this is the 3-year MBO programme for Transport and Logistics Managers at ROC Tilburg. A unique programme, with plenty of attention to practical work.