Practical, energetic and entrepreneurial

The municipality of Tilburg welcomes companies with open arms. In Tilburg we look at the possibilities and not the limitations. Don't you want to establish yourself somewhere where you can grow? That is why we make it as easy as possible for you. This gives you a single point of contact in your contacts with the municipality. Someone who picks up things for you and continues to expand them, shares knowledge and skills with you, opens doors and helps you make decisions. Practical, energetic and enterprising. That's how we do it in Tilburg.

‘Elke ondernemer, groot of klein, wordt door ons geholpen’

More employment, more companies that settle in Tilburg and suitable work for as many inhabitants as possible. These are the most important objectives that are included in the Stimuleringsagenda of the Municipality of Tilburg, when it comes to the development of the economy and the labour market for the coming years. In order to achieve all this, good relations between the municipality and the business community are essential. With an experienced team of account managers for the business sector, the Economy and Labour Market department of the municipality of Tilburg does everything in its power to inform, advise and support entrepreneurs on all fronts as well as possible.

"Our goal is to serve every entrepreneur, large or small, as well as possible. Anyone who sends an email to will be helped", explains account manager Frans Jan Lathouwers of the Economy and Labour Market department of the municipality of Tilburg. "Many companies already know us, but there are undoubtedly also entrepreneurs who do not know us. We speak to some 500 entrepreneurs every year. That's why we know what's going on at the companies. Each area in Tilburg has its own account manager, who maintains contacts with the entrepreneurs in the business parks or within the ring bays and city districts."

Entrepreneurial advice

The services of the Economy and Labour Market department consist of three main components. Lathouwers: "First of all, we help companies with entrepreneurial advice. We link an entrepreneur who, for example, is in difficulty with his company or who would like to grow further with his company to one of our advisors. As a city, we also have an interest in creating as many jobs as possible, but also in preserving them. The second component is account management.

We help companies to get in touch with the right people within the municipal organisation, but also to connect them with other authorities, companies and institutions if this helps them further. The third pillar is planning support. We like to think along with Tilburg companies to see if their plans are feasible. Our people are familiar with municipal policy and know what developments are taking place. In addition, they also know the political agenda and can often quickly assess whether there is sufficient support for certain plans."

Economic developments

Finally, the account manager outlines a number of major economic developments in Tilburg, which will offer new opportunities for the regional business community in the coming years. "We have a modern industrial and logistics cluster of companies in Tilburg and the surrounding area, which is still growing organically. In addition, our urban economy is still growing at around 1,000 jobs per year. These include companies that are active in the knowledge economy, such as ICT companies and law and accountancy firms. But the number of artisanal and creative businesses that are active in the field of internet, marketing and advertising also continues to grow. In order to give this urban economy room to manoeuvre, we need to focus on a growing number of flexible workplaces and a strengthening of the quality of the city centre. A third important development is the renewal of the labour market. The extra efforts to improve the connection between education and the labour market will ensure that well qualified new employees will soon be available. With our team, we want to make a valuable contribution to these developments in every possible way".

Ondernemersadvies Tilburg