City of makers

Tilburg industrial city. This is how we are known. The industrial sector is still an important player. No longer traditional, but driven by innovation, knowledge and creativity. Our strength lies in our past. Our creator mentality and drive have ensured that we are now a city with a diversity of beautiful companies. They all feel at home here and work together on a growing economy.

10 reasons to choose Tilburg

  • 1. Tilburg grows

  • 2. My network is your network

  • 3. Smart labour market

  • 4. Affordable locations

  • 5. Ideal location and infrastructure

10 reasons to choose Tilburg

  • 6. smart crossovers

  • 7. All the knowledge in house

  • 8. Lovely living and dining

  • 9. Helpful government

  • 10. Entrepreneurs from Tilburg are great