A region of daring and doing

Tilburg is one of the five major cities in Brabant and the seventh largest city in the Netherlands. Last year Tilburg had the highest increase in jobs and activity in the region. But we are not an island. Look at the opportunities you can take in the region from Tilburg. And know that you can always ask for advice and help, we welcome you with open arms!

Brabant de beste

Een regio met een bijzondere energie

Gewoon, gezellig en keigoed

Then I think of Brabant

Brabant is located in the south of the Netherlands, centrally located and only an hour's drive from Amsterdam, Brussels, Maastricht and Düsseldorf. Brabanders are real pioneers, who dare and do. They plant a lot of seeds for a sustainable future, with which they harvest success all over the world. With sports, music, agri & food, art, fashion and above all with smart solutions to world problems. 

Heart of Brabant

Tilburg is part of the Heart of Brabant. In the nine municipalities (Dongen, Gilze and Rijen, Goirle, Heusden, Hilvarenbeek, Loon op Zand, Oisterwijk, Tilburg and Waalwijk) that make up the heart of Brabant, there are almost 450,000 people living there, numerous civil society organisations are active in which residents are represented, 45,000 companies are established, 50,000 students follow a course of study at one of the five secondary and higher vocational education institutions or at the university, and more than 10,000,000 people visit the nature parks, amusement parks, events and cultural facilities every year. 

Welcome to the Wild Wild Mid-West

With almost EUR 40 billion, Central and West Brabant is the fourth economy in terms of added value and, with almost EUR 7 billion in terms of added value, the second largest for industry. Central and West Brabant are also the Netherlands' largest and most important logistics hub on the Rotterdam - European hinterland corridor.

Central and West Brabant is therefore the crucial industrial logistics complex for the Netherlands. There is only one region in the Netherlands where production and distribution in this size and combination come together, and that is Central and West Brabant. In addition to leading large companies in the manufacturing industry (Shell, Cosun, Tesla, Sabic, Bosch, FujiFilm, Desso, Cargill) and logistics (CoolBlue, De Rijk, Bol.com, GVT, EDCs from Apple, IKEA and others), Central and West Brabant is primarily a region with a very large and powerful SME.


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