Artists conquer vacancy with art

As of this month, the residency project of Ateliers Tilburg has started in an empty storefront at Stadhuisplein 327. At that location, from June to November, different makers will be at work every month, who will also seek the connection and interaction with the location and the city.

A total of six different artists have been invited to work in the downtown area. These are Rick van Strien, Veerle Melis, Bianca Co, Marit Biemans, Puk van de Wouw and Iris Papenborg. The first resident, visual artist Rick van Strien, has already started and is currently working on location. Over the next month, he will join the conversation on color and the city of Tilburg. 

And what else is on the schedule? In July Veerle Melis will build a dream house out of paper and in August Bianco Co will work with the garbage that can be found in the shopping streets of Tilburg. Starting in September, Marit Biemans, Puk van de Wouw and Iris Papenborg will join forces to work as a collective. 

The public location means that the process and work of these six artists will be visible to anyone visiting the city center. Ateliers Tilburg therefore invites everyone to stop by and peek inside. Various public events will also be organized. To stay up to date, keep an eye on the website and socials of Ateliers Tilburg! In November the work of all residents will be shown together in an exhibition. 

You can find the artists in residence in the empty storefront on Stadhuisplein 327 (next to VVV). 

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