Chic or a quick bite? Latte or limoncello? Club or local pub? Sometimes it's hard to choose from all the restaurants that pack the city centre. Whichever destination you choose, you'll be received everywhere with open arms. Life is truly celebrated here, so get out here and make yourself at home.


If you cross from the Heuvel over the Heuvelring, you'll find yourself on the Korte Heuvel, a little street packed with cafés and restaurants on both sides. The terraces are set up all year round, and they're full. Awnings out for a bit of shade or firing up the heat lamps. Tilburgers strolling the Korte Heuvel always see an acquaintance raising a hand in greeting. Because however much the city has grown, Tilburg remains a cheery “village".


It should be clear: the Tilburg dining scene is happening! Restaurateurs roll up their sleeves and get behind the many events in the city. New ideas are celebrated and colleague-entrepreneurs are welcomed warmly. There's no fear of competition, but just healthy regard for reinforcement of the dining bastion. With nearly thirty new catering businesses opening every year, this bastion is growing fast. A guarantee for a party all year round: inside and on the terraces. Filled with public draws such as the Tilburg Fair, Tilburg Culinair, Festival of the Torch Song, Hap Stap Festival, and especially the carnival. Bon Appetit!


Burgundian life is taken very seriously in Tilburg. The centre of Tilburg is bursting at the seams with dining of all ranges, stands, colours and flavours. Steal the show with a poké bowl worthy of instagram, or take advantage of non-photogenic but delicious spare ribs. Devour a traditional Tilburg sausage roll or be amazed at a floating amuse that the national TV holds. A colourful collection of restaurants and bars makes it a difficult choice for the gourmand. In Tilburg you can easily have two favourite coffee places, four favourite restaurants and three regular bars. No one will look at you funny.


The Tilburg dining scene connects people to people, people with favourite areas and favourite places to favourite places. The circulation of the city centre is fed with verve by the many restaurants, cafés, pubs, ice cream parlours and coffee houses in which Tilburg is rich. Tilburgers are connoisseurs of life and a big part of that they celebrate with the offerings of the Tilburg dining scene. Convivial and cheery enjoyment with a capital C. Guus doesn't live here for nothing


The Heuvel is the central square of the city. Before 1898, Tilburgers could only fetch water on the Heuvel, because that's where the only drinking water pump in the city was located. And the Heuvel still has the same function as a square. Now there's a lot more available than drinking water. Discos, hotels, bars and restaurants mingle under the eyes of the ever-present King William II, convivially with shops and offices.


The Stadhuisstraat is another popular going-out destination in the city. This strótje is a cheery link between the Oude Markt, (the Old Market Square) and the Paleisring According to many Tilburgers, one of the most charming leisure streets in the city. The Stadhusstraat has everything you need for a successful evening, whether you are a born and bred barfly, or captain of the polonaise. Visitors line up every year to celebrate in this traditional Tilburg strót during Shrove Monday of the Tilburg Fair.


Not only in the shopping area, but also in other areas of Tilburg there are hordes of all kinds of dining and drinking experiences. Also, in the Pius Harbour and the Spoorzone, where you only have to take a few steps to go from a restaurant to a bar to a coffee place to a sandwich joint. It's only a question of eating to your heart's content and rolling along.


When you approach the Piusplein in the summer, maybe via the Emma Passage, the bustle on the largest terrace square of Tilburg will greet you. Student bar next to restaurant next to speciality shop. Good DJ's live music, stand-up comedy or just getting a nice drink. From early in the morning to deep into the night, there is plenty going on on the Piusplein. With combined strength, the restaurant and bar owners balance everything perfectly so that each establishment makes the best of every moment in a fantastic way.


I'm Harrie van de Pas (born in 1978), born in Tilburg and have a sandwich shop with a lunchroom called BroodjeperCentimeter. I'm from the Van de Pas family of butchers and creating tasty treats is in my blood! We're now located in Bank15 on the Spoorlaan, a meeting point where start-up entrepreneurs get a stage to test out their concepts. The city of Tilburg is worth its weight in gold! Tilburgers (like me) are really curious about new concepts and ideas, so I had plenty of customers from day one. I think Tilburg is only getting more beautiful. The development of the Pius Harbour and the Spoorzone has really gone well in my opinion. And really fast too! And the AaBe factory is a great new addition.”


Tilburger Lucia van den Dobbelsteen (60), together with her partner Cees van Nieuwamerongen and sons Luc and Sam, runs the café Het Elfde Gebod on the Paleisring. “We met at a young age and it was clear that we wanted to start our own business - preferably with food. So, 35 years ago, the café Het Elfde Gebod was born. Tilburg has developed in a really positive manner in recent years, both in the area of catering and for other entrepreneurs, and is just getting more attractive. Advice for start-ups: don't wait too long to get professional help when you notice something is going wrong. The team for entrepreneurial advice of the city of Tilburg really helped us along!”

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