The Pius Harbour is a gathering point for spontaneous meetings. An inspiring place full of creative breeding grounds for endeavours and relaxation that meander along the water. The most important message for visitors to the Pius Harbour? Go with the flow!


There were times not so long ago that the Pius Harbour was an empty space. And perhaps rightly so. The Pius Harbour was close to being subdued and exchanged for a gigantic car park. If you want to see with your own eyes how fast times can change, you should visit the Pius Harbour. Still undergoing development, but it is now known as one of the liveliest spots in Tilburg.


More and more visitors are being reeled in by the entrepreneurs in the Pius Harbour. Even compatriots are thronging to the harbour these days. This is because of the very diverse selection: from hairdressers, clothing stores, accountants, lawyers and interior design, to bakery, sushi restaurant, local pub, restaurant and B&B. The golden combination of catering, shops and services ensures a perfect flow in the Pius Harbour.


The AaBe factory is located on the south side of the Pius Harbour. An old blanket factory, where the industrial atmosphere still inspires after all of these years. No blankets are made there anymore, but everything around the building still warms hearts. The new shopping hotspot in Tilburg and the environs makes a great day out, and even makes shopping a party for all ages.


Everyone contributes to the liveliness of the Pius Harbour. All entrepreneurs in the area are members of the PiushavenWerkt business association. The label of PiushavenWerkt stands for hospitality, customer friendliness, creativity and quality. Together with the residents of the Pius Harbour, PiushavenWerkt ensures that visitors are always pleasantly surprised.


New entrepreneurs and new residents in a new neighbourhood. Sounds new, but it feels old fashioned and homey. The residents of the Pius Harbour come out in force as volunteers for the development of their living area. The entrepreneurs work just as hard to create a communal area that has come to stay. If you take a stroll around the Pius Harbour, about 1.5 km, you'll take a trip around the world: Spanish, Asian, Flemish and traditional Dutch influences reinforce each other with verve. And how about enjoying a wonderfully beautiful natural area? In a few steps you're out of the Pius Harbour and into Moerenburg. After that, how about a little shopping? The Koningsplein undergoes a huge metamorphosis, through which you can have a cheery stroll from the Pius Harbour into “the city”.


The Pius Harbour is a sweet treat. If you're having a cup of coffee on the water on a sunny day, you've got a great chance of leaving only in the evening, hopping into bed with completely new impressions. Fish in water guarantee. Spontaneous visits are the loveliest and the Pius Harbour appears to have patented them. Good conversations among residents and visitors just evolve, breaking down borders.



The Pius Harbour is bursting with catering options, in all shapes and sizes. No business here is more than two drops of water from each other. The great variety makes it so the entrepreneurs are not in each other’s faces, but work together convivially. During the many events in the Pius Harbour, there are regularly outdoor bars, so that the many visitors can easily quench their thirst. The Pius Harbour entrepreneurs stand behind the outdoor bars side by side to tap beers. The goodwill factor is high


You don't just visit the Pius Harbour, you live there. Recreation on a whole new level. A picnic or BBQ on the water. On the pier with a bottle of wine and two glasses. A visit to one of the start-ups with a brand-new concept. A bit of sport, inside or out. Onto the terrace or into a restaurant. Your mouth will be watering. And if you like, you can stay overnight. Enjoy life in the brewery and on the water. And really relax! That's perhaps the most important: just totally relaxing. Without any awkwardness. And then choosing from the huge assortment.


The Pius Harbour is an area bubbling with new urbanism. A multi-faceted, comfortable and lively residential, work and recreation area with the water as its driving force. There is space for attractive living for new Tilburgers, starters, existing residents and seniors. The harbour basin offers liveliness in the city centre with new industriousness and creative entrepreneurs.


Hein Geers, owner of Chocolaterie Huize Geers. A family business established in 1937. Geers: "We've been established at the Pius Harbour since 2016, in the former Falcon raincoat factory. Tilburg is a fantastic place to be based and we love it here. The city hasn't always been the loveliest, but it is lively and very dynamic. My advice for start-ups? Ensure there is a stable basis and build on it further, rather a slow and stable growth than quick and rickety. Follow your passion and see any obstacle or set-back as a challenge.”


“I'm Vittorio Desikan, 51 years old, born in Tehran. I'm stationed on the Pius Harbour by the swing bridge across from the Villa Pastorie with my ice-cream cart and accessories. People love to stop by. And I welcome my guests with open arms and a smile on my face. I love it here. Tilburg is growing strong and for entrepreneurs with creative ideas, it's a lovely city to invest in. Maybe in five years I'll have a restaurant, but I see my meeting point at the Pius Harbour as a form of cultural heritage, as a crossroads of cultures."

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