Den Besterd and Korvel are the access gates to the Tilburg city centre. Two areas as a lively breeding ground for creativity. Long streets where cooperation is natural. Even if you've not been there yet, you'll feel at home immediately as a visitor and as an entrepreneur.


The Linten are connection paths that no Tilburger can avoid. Or better: doesn't want to avoid. Richly endowed with variety and for many Tilburgers, the place where you can get a bit of everything: daily shopping, a cup of coffee and a tasty bite, trinkets in speciality shops or a quick trim. The new and undiscovered in a historic mantle. Besterd and Korvel are loved by people of all ages. Typical streets that exude everything Tilburg is.


On Korvel you'll see, experience and taste the entire world. Korvel is the colourful access gate of Tilburg, lively and green. Shopkeepers, entrepreneurs, households, older people, young people, rich and poor from all over the world have landed on Korvel and celebrate the festival of diversity in all possible ways. On Kovel you know: this is the city; this is the world. No narrow-minded prejudices, everyone participates.


Earlier, Napoleon's soldiers marked down Korvel. Vincent van Gogh and his friends strolled here once upon a time. There were once textile studios, the chimney's puffed the smoke of small factories and the Friars Minor walked here barefoot, mumbling and contemplating the higher order. And now? Now the lively, worldly, come, do and try atmosphere is still visible. The heart beats here, you'll feel the emotion. Korvel is the unique centre of Tilburg, where everything is possible and everyone is welcome.


The majority of entrepreneurs based on Den Besterd or on Korvel are independent, small-scale and specialized. This creates a diverse selection of good businesses, with something for everyone. The Linten are a part of the city centre, but are still the excellent location to learn, try things and to excel. The hundreds of entrepreneurs on the Linten tell their special story together, where a new chapter is added every day. Will you help write it?

Den Besterd is Den Besterd

Den Besterd is an authentic village street in a modern city centre. A shopping centre with an open roof, a street, a square, a ribbon, an access road: industriousness has dominated on Den Besterd for a long time. Entrepreneurs that shine in craftsmanship guarantee a multi-faceted shopping selection. And they're all equally accessible, because you can park your car or bike on the doorstep of each of the more than one hundred businesses.


A collection of low-threshold speciality shops where every client gets full attention. No fuss, no mayflies. Familiarity, quiet and honesty, that's what it's about. Den Besterd is one big family where everyone is welcome. Shops are brothers and sisters that like to refer you to each other. On Den Besterd you'll come for better shopping, for your difficult question and for personal attention.


“We are brother and sister, Ahmad and Rabia Alizadah, both born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan. At Sarban, our Afghan restaurant on the Besterdring, we cook our family recipes fresh every day. Our greatest success is that in the last eight years we have been able to offer nearly 200 isolated under-age asylum seekers a place at school or a job and home base. For two of these youth, after internal training in cooperation with the Startfoundation, we were able to set up a restaurant in Utrecht. We are happy to be in the Mid Brabant region, it's a great place to be based. When guests come to dine with us, we feel like family and friends have come to visit

Where will we be in 5 years? Five years ago, our goal is to work hard every day and to make a difference in the area of job opportunities and also in questions of poverty within our community. We didn't know five years ago that we would have opened four restaurants in four different cities in the Netherlands. Every day we go to work with the same ambition, and we'll see where we are in 5 years.”

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