A creative industriousness of the greatest kind dominates the Veemarkt Quarter. In this intimate area of Tilburg, full of characteristic businesses, innovative and sustainable businesses exist convivially next to art and music.


What do Maroon 5, Marco Borsato, Snoop Dogg, Gregory Porter and Amos Lee have in common? They all performed at 013, with a capacity of 3000 visitors, the largest theatre on the Dutch pop circuit. And above all a place that puts the Veemarkt Quarter on the map, not only nationally, but internationally. There's a great chance that you'll run into someone in New York who's been to “the South of Holland” to a concert in 013. And music lovers from far and near trek to Tilburg for the Roadburn music festival.


The iconic location housing 013, with the black peel on which thousands of CDs on it, is not the only eye-catcher in the Veemarkt Quarter. Walk through this atmospheric area and

discover a colourful collection of special buildings. Like Het Duvelhok, the oldest textile factory in Tilburg, where now a completely different type of cotton is being made. Until a few years ago, Het Duvelhok was an introvert, a neglected old factory, but is now an extrovert, accessible to everyone, a national monument you can't avoid in the city centre. An important atmosphere-maker within the Veemarkt Quarter, where art, culture, enterprising attitudes and science are the most significant themes.

Number of visitors to 013: 310,000


The AVEC office can't be ignored in the Veemarkt Quarter. AVEC makes hobby products, exclusively for and with the cooperation of its customers. In this, they are the largest player in the Netherlands, perhaps even in Europe. With the expansion to a second location in a lovely national monument building from 1923, AVEC is certainly not a hobby project. And the entrepreneurs located in DePLINT hope to experience the same growth. The rugged building offers space for ambitious entrepreneurs that have one thing in common: they are super creative. Whether a modelling agency, architects, web designers or illustrators.


The many entrepreneurs and organizations in the Veemarkt Quarter are united in an active foundation that organizes diverse events within the area every year. This promotes the cooperation and industriousness in the area.


Not only creative, but also social organizations find their spot in the Veemarkt Quarter. R-Newt is a great example of this. The organization is dedicated to giving young people a push in the right direction. It isn't about just finding them a place to go, but the talent that every young person has to share. R-Newt believes in equal opportunities, but that isn't always evident for every young person and every child. So, the dedicated youth workers do all they can to bring the best of children to the fore. They also support parents in the complicated process called parenting. By working along with the young people, R-Newt is keeping up with the times.


From the Veemarkt Quarter you can stroll right into the shopping area or explore the Pius Harbour or the Spoorzone. But don't be in too much of a hurry to get right to the city centre, because the Veemarkt Quarter has so much to discover. Get out and discover the characteristic locations, special places from the history of Tilburg, enthusiastic entrepreneurs and the top shelf of art and music.


The Nwe FAXX building is a real eye-catcher in the Veemarkt Quarter. Sustainable working and meeting are the focus here. Professional workspaces in one of the work places, at the communal table or on the outdoor terrace are free for everyone to use. The companies based in the Nwe FAXX are a source of knowledge and experience together with those present in the lobby. With a BREEAM excellence certification and a green certificate, the Nwe FAXX is the most sustainable building in Tilburg and one of the most sustainable office buildings in the Netherlands. A few doors down you'll find the Qlubhouse creative hotspot, a spot where everyone can mean something for each other. Creative deal makers, business partners and young talents come together in an inspiring environment that promotes doing business together.


Tilburg Next

Creative enterprise blossoms in the Veemarkt Quarter with pop podium 013 as a radiant midpoint, right on the border of the catering area.

Fresh heads

Ileen Kersemaekers, 29 years old, born in Tilburg. Owner of Frisse Koppen, a model and casting office for commercial video and photo shoots. “Tilburg was the perfect place for me to base Frisse Koppen. I saw a great opportunity for a modelling agency in the Brabant region. I was born and bred in Tilburg, so I was able to build up a large network in this town over the last few years. So now as a new entrepreneur, I’m really reaping the benefits in the Veemarkt Quarter. In the DePLINT creative hotspot I'm surrounded by free-thinkers, designers, inventors, creators and cross-over smarties. So inspiring!”


Meindert van Duijvenbode, founder and owner of Datacon, an IT company, since 1996. Datacon, with its 60+ employees, is based in the most sustainable building in the southern Netherlands: the Nwe FAXX. “A building that I've modelled from scratch with a number of other people, where we've independently performed the entire project development. I've lived in Tilburg for 28 years now, and seen Tilburg change from a working-class town to a diverse city with space for any style. The climate for companies has strongly improved with the arrival of the Veemarkt Quarter and the Spoorzone, and I think it will just get better.”

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