Starters, growers, big boys and creative pioneers all have a place here. Tilburg has a very attractive price per square metre. You can rent as well: choose one of the many cooperative corporate buildings in the centre. Entrepreneurs get the space to grow here, literally and figuratively. With 1100 gross hectares of land on the industrial parks, great available locations, a low rental/land price and great accessibility, you'll get ahead. In addition, Tilburg is a city where help comes from all directions: city, entrepreneurs, education and residents. We are rolling up our sleeves and together going for the max.

Ontdek je plekje


Do you need a lot of space? With 1100 gross hectares of industrial space, Tilburg is the forerunner in Brabant. And the offering keeps growing: Tilburg is always developing new industrial properties and now has over sixteen industrial parks with a clear individual profile. They vary from small scale high-tech companies to logistics giants and production companies. The large logistics sector and outstanding location with regard to Europe make Tilburg one of the most important logistics hotspots in the Netherlands.

The price per square metre is favourable and that makes establishment in Tilburg VERY attractive. The cooperation within Vitaal Tilburg is unique. Entrepreneurs on industrial parks unite to improve the quality of the industrial parks and the corporate climate. Vitaal Tilburg has now created a fibre-optic network, tuck parking and communal security


But there's plenty to see even in the city. Office locations retail, dining locations, industrial areas within the city or a creative hotspot. And are you a student or a self-employed entrepreneur? Tilburg offers more than enough inspiring flexible locations where you can enjoy your work and spar with other entrepreneurs. And the best thing is.... it’s affordable as well!

Tilburg invests strongly in the city centre. Together with Wereldhave, entrepreneurs and residents, the city is building an attractive city centre that is ready for the future. A city centre where people love to shop, live, work and recreate. Where new companies are being established. A city centre with atmosphere, greenspaces and space to meet.