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This region is internationalising rapidly. A growing number of international residents is expected in the coming years. As the city of Tilburg becomes increasingly international oriented, this page provides information for expats and employers and why working and/ore moving here is such a good idea.

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Why moving to Tilburg might be the best idea you will ever have

Tired of all the tourists in Amsterdam? Crying when you’re seeing the housing prices in Utrecht? And really into moving to the Netherlands but not so much into the soberness of the North? In that case moving to Tilburg might just be the thing to consider! There’s a Netherlands ‘under the rivers’ that hasn’t got all of those issues but sure has tons of other stuff going for it. So sit down, buckle up with a little ‘blokje kaas’ and read up on why the fair North-Brabant city of Tilburg might be just your next hometown in the Netherlands.

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Why Tilburg might be the next economic hotspot of the Netherlands

No shortage of economic success stories from the Netherlands the last couple of years. With a booming economy and a flourishing startup scene, there shouldn’t be any clouds in the sky. But the Randstad is choking up and cities such as Amsterdam are suffering from a housing- and personnel shortage. Not Tilburg! The next hotspot of the Dutch economy. 

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