For entrepreneurs who want to move forward

The total of sixteen industrial estates comprises some 1,000 hectares of land. The more than 1,500 SMEs, service providers, production companies and (inter)national players In total, more than 36,000 jobs are created on the business parks in Tilburg. From one-man businesses to Albert Heijn's distribution centre with more than 1.300 employees.

Every business park in Tilburg has its own accent. The Canal Zone, for example, is an old industrial estate with a climate for innovative and creative creators. Tradepark 58 is located on the south side of Tilburg, where high demands are made when it comes to innovative business operations and the design of business premises. The business park of large numbers is Vossenberg, where major international players and huge warehouses predominate. A big contrast to a business park like Rhijnijnant or Stadsrand Dalem, which are small-scale and have a village-like character.

The world at your feet

Moreover, Tilburg is connected to the world beyond our urban and even national borders. The Barge Terminal is located on the Loven and Vossenberg West business parks, where goods are transported by water to the port of Rotterdam or further inland into Europe. In addition, a Rail Terminal is located here, which enables a direct connection from Tilburg to Chengdu in China. Several times a week, freight transports to Eastern Europe depart via this rail.


From international giants to local family businesses

The favourable logistic location and diversity of scale mean that more than 2,000 companies have already secured their place on industrial estates in the Tilburg region. From international names to local family businesses. On the Wilhelmina Canal you will find a modern industrial cluster with companies such as Tesla, Fuji, Capi, RITE, Iris Oyama, IPN and Coolblue. The fact that textiles are still in Tilburg's DNA is evident from the large branches of Innofa, Mutsaers Textiles, Nooteboom Textiel B.V., Joep Tuerlings Agencies or the South Dutch Textile Industry (ZNTI), for example. Companies such as Ad van Geloven, Maître Paul, Delicia, Agristo or Pastry bakery De Maro show that the food industry is also well represented.

Vital Association

For several years now, a Vital Association has been active on every business park in Tilburg. Any company that pays advertising tax can become a free member of the Vital Association on its site. By becoming a free member, companies can take part in decisions about park management issues such as security, signposting, additional measures to green and grey maintenance by the municipality, communication and fibreglass.