Stad van Makers

Tilburg is a City of Makers. Tilburg surprises and challenges. Stimulates the imagination. Raw and contrary. This makes Tilburg a breeding ground for creative talent. Also thanks to an excellent production climate, top museums and important venues. Tilburg is increasingly becoming a city where it happens. Here you will find all the information to make it as a maker and as art and culture lover we bring you the best of Tilburg's makers.

Makers of Tilburg - Stories of Tilburg's makers

Sounding Bodies make it in Tilburg - Sounding Bodies believes in the power of music as a means to connect. They use music to help people truly reconnect with themselves and others. What happens when you get quiet and just listen?

Atilla makes it in Tilburg - Lives in Tilburg. Works multidisciplinary, he draws, paints, makes sculptures and masks. He views making his art as medicine, one he has become permanently addicted to.

Praktical information - for makers

MAKER OF THE MONTH 2023 - Every month a maker of Tilburg gets a stage on the socials of Stad van Makers