Murf/Murw Festival is back for a second edition

Murf/Murw Festival is back. With an extra day, two new venues and double the number of acts! Murf/Murw is an interdisciplinary city festival for experimental culture. Once again, Murf/Murw offers an exciting and colorful program on various stages in downtown Tilburg. Get carried away along the experimental sanctuary and discover the exciting twilight zone between music, performance, film and art. Experience, be present!

Murf/Murw is a quirky multi-faceted biotope, actively experimenting with its own programming. Forget everything you know, because Murf/Murw does it all just a little differently. They challenge the participating locations to use their spaces differently and challenge the audience to broaden their interests. The daycare center BSO Monopole will be transformed into an exhibition and performance space, where harsh noise will be mixed with visual art. 

During this second edition of the festival, Murf/Murw presents surprising and innovative acts that you won't get to see anywhere else, but that will definitely enrich you. From living legends to young talent. Think of the Brazilian playwright Rodrigo Batista, who transforms the Hall Of Fame into a theater, an ambient set of Zonderwerk in Kunstpodium T, the abrasive hardcore punk of Hetze, interdisciplinary artist Dick Verdult (who will screen his new film and perform his musical cumbia lunática with his alter ego Dick El Demasiado) or an exchange project with no less than five different underground bands from the Polish city of Wroclaw. But this is only a fraction of the nearly 80 acts spread across seven different venues in downtown Tilburg. 

Dive into a chaos that you get to structure yourself and spend three days wandering past Theater De Nieuwe Vorst, jazz venue Paradox, exhibition space Kunstpodium T, movie house Cinecitta, rock cafe Little Devil, Culture BSO Monopole and culture factory the Hall of Fame. The theme of the upcoming festival is: Pseudocide; Imitating your own death only to go on with a different identity. 

Curious about the faces behind Murf/Murw, read their maker's story here. Looking for the complete lineup, tickets or more information about the festival? Then check out: 



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