A conversation with Jeroen Opstelten about NONOISE

Those who are creative may experience obstacles. Some more than others. With the NONOISE initiative, Jeroen Opstelten and Tyas d'Hont want to remove noise in the creative process of students and young creators. We spoke with Jeroen about how he uses his experiences to help others: "When I look at myself, I wish I had had an opportunity for good guidance in my education."

Jeroen Opstelten graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, and has since been working in the creative sector as a producer and visual artist. Since this year, the title "mentor" also belongs in that list. With his initiative NONOISE, together with Tyas d'Hont, he wants to guide young creators in their creative process. From his own experience with creativity and makerhood, he hopes to offer young makers a helping hand. "When I was at the academy myself, there was no guidance for these things. I see many young creators who run into these issues, but there is still no such guidance. That's when the idea arose to fill that gap myself."


There is a demonstrable link between creativity and ADHD. Not surprisingly, then, there are proportionately many people with an ADHD diagnosis working in the creative sector. NONOISE focuses on ADHD people in particular for this reason: "Blockages that ADHD people experience are a kind of magnification of blockages that everyone can experience at one time or another in the creative process. It can be difficult to keep an overview, which makes you demotivated. ADHD also has positive sides in the case of creativity. But you can also overflow with creativity, causing you to get stuck. That's where we want to help creators and students."


With NONOISE, Jeroen wants to offer creators a helpline in their early stages of development. That's why he's talking to creative colleges about opportunities for collaboration. "We want to get started precisely at the creative educations. Creators are still very much in development then, which means you are more likely to run into roadblocks. When I look at myself, I wish I had already had an opportunity for good guidance at that stage."


There is no concrete cooperation with the training programs yet, but from NONOISE, Jeroen and Tyas have already been able to help the first creators on their way: "At the moment, we mainly provide one-on-one trajectories. We find that that works best. We also give group workshops on how to turn blockages into something positive. Blocks can be frustrating, but ultimately they can also be inspiring, if you know how to deal with them. We have also developed a recognition chart to give people tools to recognize more quickly where they get stuck. During the process we then look together at where the problems lie and what you could do to move forward. We do it with humor and self-reflection. We find it important that it is a light process; not a tough one. It's important to take your process seriously, but you don't always have to take yourself very seriously. In the end, it's about helping people. For creators in the creative sector, I hope we can really make a difference, and contribute a little bit to a mentally healthier sector. I hope people know how to find us."

Curious about NONOISE's work? All information can be found at: www.nonoisecoaching.com/

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