Opening second round Makersfonds

On Wednesday, July 3, the second round of the Makersfonds 2023 opens! With this grant, the Municipality of Tilburg wants to offer direct support to makers in arts and culture in the city. The aim of the Makersfonds is to enable makers with their home base in the Municipality of Tilburg, to develop and work on their ambitions. 

The Makersfonds is mainly focused on talent, experimentation and innovation and topicality, and intended for projects of a limited financial size and a maximum duration of 2 years. There is room for all art disciplines, interdisciplinary projects and crossovers. The deadline closes on Monday, July 24 at noon. The available budget for this round is €137.500, including €25.000 matching from the Province of North Brabant. 

Who is eligible for this grant?

Professional makers, both individuals and collectives. Professional makers who realize a project with artists from an artistic perspective are also eligible for funding
Only individual makers and collectives that have their home base in the municipality of Tilburg are eligible for funding

Assessment criteria

The following criteria apply in assessing applications:

  • Artistic quality and artistic development.
  • Ensuring the business quality of the project
  • The number of times you have already been honored from the Makersfonds
  • Performance/impact in Tilburg

Looking for more information and the criteria? From July 3 at 12:00 you can apply for the Makersfonds via this page. Check out the full explanation of the Makersfonds here.

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