Premiere Life of Gemma

Sunday, Feb. 4, at Pathé Tilburg Stappegoor is the premiere of Life of Gemma: The brand new comedy series created by Lonne Gosling and Twan van Bragt. Starting in March, the series can be seen on Youtube via Lonne's Movie Channel and Omroep Tilburg.

Life of Gemma

In the tragicomic mockumentary "Life of Gemma," which is full of awkward, comical, recognizable situations, we follow 38-year-old Gemma, who moves to Tilburg to work at an mbo. Luckily, Gemma knows exactly how to connect with her brand-new students. Because she really knows what's going on. What's hip. Cool. Nice. How to present yourself. In five episodes of about 10 minutes we see the life of Gemma, at school, but also outside. For example, she goes on an awkward date with Citizenship teacher Walter, battles with her mother and throws a slightly too lavish housewarming party.

Lonne Gosling

Lonne Gosling (Helmond, 1985) is an actress and presenter. After the Academy of Drama at the Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, she played with various theater companies, is a regular actress of the Eindhoven youth company Oortwolk and made the cabaret solo "Maybe I have to cry myself. In addition, Lonne has her own YouTube channel: Lonne's Movie Channel. A channel with short, comical, absurd, sad scenes.

In 2023, Lonne won the Ad Vinken Prize, for her outstanding contribution to the cultural identity of the city of Tilburg. Life of Gemma was made from an idea by Lonne, and in addition she plays Gemma.


Twan van Bragt

Twan van Bragt (Eindhoven, 1983) works mainly as a director and writer. He published the novel 'Het Onmogelijke Bestaan van Eddie Picavet' at Lo-FI publishing house Natte Sok. Besides this, he makes podcasts (for mestmag and NS, among others) and his first short film 'Gourmet' can currently be seen at various festivals. Previously he collaborated with Lonne on the solo 'Maybe I have to cry myself', the Omroep Brabant series Ruutruutruut and directed the sketches on Lonne's Movie Channel. At Life of Gemma, Twan is responsible for both direction and screenplay. Camera and Montage by the amazing Gegam Soghomonyan. The series is made possible by: Municipality of Tilburg, ROC ForwArt & Omroep Tilburg.

Extra information

  • Celebratory premiere on Feb. 4, 2024.
  • Premiere start time: 3:30 p.m.
  • Location premiere: Pathé Tilburg Stappegoor, Olympiaplein 2, Tilburg
  • Presentation Huub Smit
  • Extra Brabantse binge_evening on Feb. 23 at the Nieuwe vorst

Have you become curious? Then book your tickets and for more information, check out the website from Lonne.

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