Park presents: anniversary exhibition X

Discover the past decade of art in one exhibition at PARK. 'X' celebrates a decade of diversity. Festive opening on Sept. 9 at 4 p.m. in Tilburg!

PARK opened its doors in October 2013, and a festive exhibition now celebrates its tenth anniversary. One exhibiting artist from each year has been chosen for this anniversary exhibition titled 'X'. These participants indicate the quality and breadth of the program that has shaped PARK over the past decade:   

  • Igshaan Adams (ZA 1982): Igshaan Adams draws inspiration from his childhood during South African Apartheid, during which, as a Muslim boy, he identified with women and the culture of color. His work reflects these experiences with materials and motifs from his family background.
  • Korrie Besems (NL 1961): Korrie Besems is a photographer and text artist who explores the boundaries of photographs by manipulating and combining them with text. Her work evolves towards abstraction and poetry, away from traditional documentation.
  • Bram Braam (NL/DE 1980): Bram Braam explores the contrasts between the Dutch landscape and the urbanity of Berlin in his sculptural art. His works reflect on urban contradictions and transform building rubble into poetry.
  • Tim Breukers (NL 1985): Tim Breukers works on ceramic sculptures that stretch the boundaries of traditional sculpture and combine pop culture elements. He allows material to speak and creates tension in his work.
  • Ricardo van Eyk (NL 1983): Ricardo van Eyk considers himself a painter and his work explores the urban environment, the passage of time and traces of human presence. He uses found objects and everyday materials in his installations and paintings.
  • Nadia Naveau (BE 1975): Nadia Naveau experiments with different materials and combines forms and iconography from different contexts in her sculptures. Her work alienates and unites the figurative with the abstract and the classical with the contemporary.
  • Charlotte Schleiffert (NL 1967): Charlotte Schleiffert creates drawings and paintings in which she dresses figures with various attributes, inspired by travels and various sources. Her work is a way of expressing powerlessness in the face of the world.
  • Kristina Schuldt (DE 1982): Kristina Schuldt paints colorful and dynamic images of powerful women who are both vulnerable and courageous. Her work balances between realism and abstraction and often has autobiographical elements.
  • Nina van de Ven (NL 1988): Nina van de Ven explores symbolism in her drawings, in which she creates hybrid characters. She combines various symbols and motifs from different sources to build a personal universe.
  • Jenny Ymker (NL 1969): Jenny Ymker uses photography to create alienating worlds. She places herself in absurdist and melancholy situations and investigates the human confrontation with an enigmatic world.

The opening on Saturday, Sept. 9 at 4 p.m. will be performed by Martijn van Nieuwenhuyzen, director De Pont museum. The new PARK book with all activities from 2021 to summer 2023 will also be presented. It will be presented to Marcelle Hendrickx, alderman of culture of the municipality of Tilburg. In addition, Jacques Palinckx, current city composer of Tilburg, will give a short performance at this festive opening.

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