Online PhotoMuseum Tilburg now open: A new focus on visual talent

The Online Photomusuem Tilburg has officially opened, a brand new online platform that combines the beauty of photographic art and the rich heritage of our Tilburg region. You can view special exhibitions here. For example, there are several virtual rooms in which regional photographers show work. So this museum can be visited online from any location, from your couch, during the break at work or cozy in the pub.

Showcase of Regional Talent

The museum is launching a creative series of exhibitions, featuring works by well-known and (still) lesser-known photographers such as Dolph Cantrijn, Robert van Heumen and Johannes van Dam. However, the platform is open to showing new, emerging talent and is constantly looking for unique photographic perspectives on our beloved region. 

Councilwoman Marcelle Hendrickx, responsible for culture, spoke highly of the initiative: "PhotoMuseum Tilburg not only highlights beautiful images, but also celebrates the versatility and talent of our local community." 

Everyone is invited to visit the museum online and immerse themselves in the rich world of images it has to offer. Whether you are an avid lover of photography, or just curious about local art, there is something for everyone. 

PhotoMuseum Tilburg is an online museum that showcases the unique visual stories and perspectives of the Tilburg region. The museum is a celebration of local artists and their contributions to the world of photography. PhotoMuseum Tilburg's mission is to support and guide regional photographic talent to exhibit their works. The goal is to introduce a wide audience to the artistic pearls of the region. 

For more information and to view the collection, visit the website of the PhotoMuseum.

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