Tilt Festival is back!

Tilt Festival is back! And how. On September 23 the largest literary festival in the south returns to theater De Nieuwe Vorst. At this tenth edition you will meet the big names of tomorrow and see well-known writers as you have never seen them before. Tilt Festival brings language to life, this year not during Book Week, but in September.


The festival once again features a lineup in surprising literary shapes and sizes. Connie Palmen delves into her career with young talents. Tilburg sound collective Het Concreet opens the festival. Lo-fi publisher Natte Sok makes live radio the way they make their books: punky, a little askew and all by hand. In the small room, Knot So showcases the poetic language of rope, featuring the Japanese bondage technique shibari. The new podcast Voetlicht discusses books that deserve a large audience but haven't found one (yet). And of course get to know young literary talents such as Lot Louis Veelenturf, Steff Geelen and Maureen Ghazal. From Tilburg and Brabant you will see and hear Martijn Neggers, Bart Smout and Lucas de Waard, among others.
A festival program for seasoned bookworms, but also for fresh book smokers, for quiet enjoyers and outspoken literary types. There is literary ASMR in the small hall and queer erotica, prose, poetry ánd beer in the foyer. Writers and readers cast a glance into the future together, with the theme The future is... and readings about climate, freedom and queerness, among other things.

Writers in Residence

Every year Tilt invites a writer in residence to stay in Tilburg. This year not one, but three writers headed south. Simone Atangana Bekono, Yael van der Wouden and Daphne Huisden took up residence for a weekend in the former Red Cross building on the Besterdring. The creaky nature of this place inspired Simone, Yael and Daphne to write the feminist horror story Flight/Dance/Found. The publication of these writers in residence will be festively launched during the festival. The first copy will be handed over by Shirley Dap, one of the descendants of the enterprising Dap family who will breathe new life into the historic building.

Ticket sales

Tickets for Tilt Festival are on sale through De Nieuwe Vorst. To make a festival visit possible for more people, you can choose a lower and higher rate in addition to the regular rate. Tight on cash? Then choose the lower rate. More to spend? Then choose the higher rate and help Tilt to make a festival visit possible for more people!

About Tilt

Tilt tells stories. Whether on a stage, in a book, podcast or graphic novel; all stories begin with language. Writers, performers and poets bring their stories to life through language. Tilt lifts them up by organizing author residencies, programs and festivals. 

More information? Visit their website!

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