Unflatables create artwork for new City store

Art collective Unflatables will create the artwork for the renovated City Store on Koningsplein. The municipality called on artists in February of this year to submit a design for in the public area of the City Store. A jury selected Unflatables' design from all the entries. "It will be a giant hanging artwork with surprising references to maker city Tilburg!" The artwork will be suspended, by the end of October 2023, at the top of the public space of the Stadswinkel. This will make it visible to all visitors to the Stadswinkel.

The task

The renewed City Store focuses on today's society. The commission issued by the municipality stipulated that the design should have a link to this. It should be an iconic work of art that symbolizes, questions or reflects on the present of Tilburg. Artists could submit a vision of the commission. In doing so, they answered the question of what motivates them to participate in this commission. Unflatables produce the artwork entirely from bio-based materials based on renewable resources. In doing so, they are responding to the ambitions of the municipality and the province of North Brabant. The municipality of Tilburg wants to be a circular city by 2045. A circular economy is an economy in which virtually all products and raw materials are reused over and over again. If a product is broken, it is repaired. And if that is no longer possible, new products are made from it or processed into raw materials. Waste no longer exists. A circular economy is necessary for a healthy planet and a strong economy. The province's 2017 resource agreement sets the goal of using 50% fewer primary raw materials by 2030.


Unflatables is a new art collective that focuses on stacked inflatable figures. The collective consists of Geert Kollau, Servaas Roelandse and Majke Husstege. Unflatables makes monumental sculptures of, sold all over the world, plastic beach toys. Toys that often don't last more than one summer. The sculptures are a tribute to play. Like a child, discovering in the second year of life how to stack one shape on top of another. The magical moment when you let go of the stacked form and something completely new is created. Unflatables' sculptures celebrate this euphoric moment and seal it with a real gold spout. "Let's play and stack dreams!

You can find more information about the revamped Stadswinkel and Unflatables' artwork on the Tilburg City Council website.

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