From the outside, the theatres and halls in the Cultural Hub look stately, and inside they are full of excitement. So, no high thresholds, but a heartfelt invitation for every visitor from Tilburg and further afield to come and taste the rich experiences the Cultural Hub offers. You'll be left wanting more, guaranteed. The doors are wide open to everyone.


The south side of the city centre is becoming increasingly busier with the arrival of more and more shops and restaurants. Greener too, because the area around the Willemsplein is the “green heart” of the Tilburg city centre. Arts, social and religious power come together on that same iconic square. It's impressive and inspiring. Artists and performers love to come here, resulting in a special breed of cultural events. Suitable for all ages. Via the Factorium and the Fontys University for the Arts (FUA), you can reach the grand podium of Theaters Tilburg. Together they ensure that there is always something special to experience at the Cultural Hub.


Programme designers, artists and even the Tilburgers themselves create a stimulating cultural climate that reaches far beyond “whichever building”. The content takes you into a world where creativity and imagination interact. The cultural programme is extremely relevant each year to the ring of theatres. In September, we celebrate the opening of the cultural season with a weekend full of free culture all over Tilburg, from the morning until deep into the night. Stages, museums and studios offer an accessible programme, varying from the fine arts, music, theatre and programmes for children.


The festivities also invade the Cultural Hub. And not just a baker's dozen festivals, but special programmes such as Stadsvolk, Factorium Festival, Spruit, the Night of the Arts, Junior Folk Artist and the Dutch Music Days. Stadsvolk is a festival for lovers of the narrative song. Folk music for city dwellers who long for the countryside without intending to leave. The music of now with a nostalgic touch. Spruit is a children's festival full of dance, theatre and music for the whole family. A powerful collaboration between 013 Poppodium, Theaters Tilburg, the NWE Vorst and Paradox. Introductions, do-it-yourself, watching and listening for all ages go hand in hand with the Cultural Hub.


Theaters Tilburg is an important part of the Cultural Hub. A lovely theatre, a modern concert hall, an intimate studio and a high-level restaurant. From cabaret to classical music. From musical to dance. From local amateurs to international stars. The red carpet is rolled out every year for more than 175,000 guests. Every guest is equally important and can enjoy the most divers programme menu in the city.


The Dutch Musical Days are a story in themselves. Many of the actors in Dutch musicals are trained by the FUA and educated in Tilburg. So, there is more logical place to honour these talents and stars. Theaters Tilburg as an initiative-taker in the discussion with the musical programmes, Dutch producers and impresarios. All embrace the idea, which results in an exciting two-day festival. With the Musical Sing Along in the theatre as the kick off and the Musical Talent Gala as the absolute high point. An event in which residents, visitors, press and the specialist audience can really indulge



If you're not (yet) in an artistic programme, but want to dive into music, theatre, dance or musicals, you'll be right at home in the Factorium. Playground, workplace and stage for the performing arts. For all ages, amateurs and professionals. Each year, the Factorium lets 34,000 elementary school children, 9,000 participants and 25,000 visitors enjoy creating theatre, music or dance. The first steps on your cultural path take you from artistic training and next to the stage where every Dutch top kid is at home. Those of similar voices are brought together in the area to colour the entire city more richly inside and out.


The Cultural Hub is strong. And even from the outside one can see more and more what is happening on the inside. Go inside, discover, be welcome and participate. And that really does apply to everybody. The cultural quality and diversity speak for themselves. Be welcome, because the doors are wide open to you.


Fontys has given its artistic programmes a lovely home port in the area. All artistic programmes under one roof, including the rock academy. The Fontys University for the Arts (FUA) is an exclusive diving board to dancers, musicians, fine artists and actors. The more the students’ progress, the flirting with the surrounding theatres will only increase. The FUA is unique among its peers and many Tilburgers are very proud of that.

Kenny B

“I'm Kenny B, born 56 years ago in Paramaribo. I work in the entertainment industry and based in Tilburg City. I became an entrepreneur because, in my business, entrepreneurship is the greatest form and because I can determine my own direction and schedule my own time. Tilburg gave me the chance to roll out my international business. And the right tools and support for my enterprise. Tilburg is on the same page when it comes to opportunity. My advice for start-ups: start with something that you are passionate about. Take pleasure in what you do, and believe in what you do. And: don't make it too easy of yourself. Set the bar high!”

Tilburg Next

In the coming years there is a great deal of investment in the Cultural Hub in the improvement of the spatial connection between the cultural draws and the parks. The Koningsplein has been addressed and developed into an urban living area with a lovely residential climate.

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