Social innovation

Tilburg is a city where we work hard, persevere and look ahead. It made us a world player in the textile industry. And when that disappeared, we managed to get back on our feet with resilience, decisiveness and creativity. Together, we turn a good idea into something workable and innovative. That's in our DNA. We try out new things and especially look at the social impact. Residents, entrepreneurs, education and government are all at the table here. Together we work on innovations that deliver added value and combine our knowledge in the field of the labour market, healthcare and sustainability. People are always central to this. The result: remarkable initiatives, inspiring living labs and impressive results. Entrepreneurs save the world here. Come and create impact in Tilburg.

Greener, more social, better

  • Tilburg Circular

    All circular and sustainable companies, products, services, projects and events in Tilburg

    Tilburg Circular
  • EntrepreneursAgreement

    Entrepreneurs, the government and education develop employment for people with a vulnerable position on the labour market.

  • Durable MOOD

    Supports entrepreneurs from ideas and initiatives to concrete projects in the field of energy transition and circular economy.

    Durable MOOD
  • Tussenheid 013

    Tussenheid013 supports enterprising citizens with golden hearts who want to make the world a little more beautiful.

    Tussenheid 013
  • MCSI

    A cooperative as the permanent driver of (social) innovation in the region and beyond


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