Tilburg Limoncello brand Pulcinos

Hundreds of bottles have been sold since the start, collaborations with Friandries & Willem II have been set up and the ambition is great. We are talking about the Tilburg limoncellomake Pulcinos. At the helm of the company is 23-year-old Thomas Derks, who is supported by 24-year-old Bram Veenstra.

Thomas is sous-chef at the Tilburg restaurant For Sale in Tilburg, where the limoncello is also made and is standardly served with the bill. In November 2018 he went to the Chamber of Commerce to register Pulcinos. "I always wanted to make a beautiful product. At one point I thought: I'm going to go ahead and just do it." A few months later, Bram, the friend of Thomas' sister, was flown in. "I am location manager at Esplanade and have a large network in the Tilburg hospitality industry. That offers opportunities."

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(Photography: Jules van Iperen)