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In this raw industrial area full of culture and history in the heart of the city, people are working towards the future. The presence of Tilburg University, ROC and Fontys Hogeschool provides knowledge, talent and vision. Spoorzone Tilburg is open and accessible to everyone with a perfect mix of living, working and leisure.

Dear Future, this is where we make our minds matter

The presence of Tilburg University, ROC and Fontys University in addition to the various living labs for research and entrepreneurship makes Spoorzone Tilburg a fertile ground for innovation. Especially in the field of interactive technologies such as ai, VR, games, robotics and data-driven decision making you can really indulge yourself here.

Mind over Matter - Collaboration in Spoorzone Tilburg

Tilburg is a great home base for us. Spoorzone Tilburg is buzzing with innovation and activity and we cherish the connection with Tilburg University.

Flow AI, chatbot design

Dear Future, this is where we build a new tomorrow

In this place, opportunities to innovate are for the taking. Entrepreneurs are building the future here. Knowledge is always available, the opportunity to work with talent, the option to collaborate in pioneering crossovers; that is what Spoorzone Tilburg offers.

Future builders - Entrepreneurs from Spoorzone Tilburg

It says something about the ambition of your company when you are located here

Fama Volat, marketing communication agency

Dear Future, this is where we change the game

Working smart and, above all, relaxing well in this creative part of the city is key. It is an ideal location for companies that want to grow in a raw, urban breeding ground with a fine mix of living, working and leisure. A place where you can shop during your lunch break, eat a sandwich in the award-winning LocHal or take a stroll in the Spoorpark. An area where you stumble across talent and partners who can help you further.


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We were looking for a place where connection is key, where you can be yourself and are encouraged to bring out the best in yourself

Actos Groep, recruitment organization

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