Nina Padmos

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Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Nina Padmos, I still live in The Hague. I am 20 years old and studying dance education at the FHK.

Why did you choose to (continue) study at FHK?

I chose FHK because I was accepted at 2 programmes out of five dance education programmes in the Netherlands. Of the 2 programmes I was accepted to, I felt that FHK was the best fit for me, this was a reasonable guess because there were no physical open days due to corona, so I had a general idea of the programme.

What inspires you and/or where do you get inspiration from today?

At the moment, I'm totally into the world of K-pop and Korean culture. Besides finding the culture very interesting because it is so different from Dutch culture, it is very socially accepted if you are an idol (performer) there. Also, the music being made is not something you quickly hear in the Netherlands, it is often very busy with lots of accents for example. This is where I can put my energy and ideas as a dance maker.

I am also a person who likes to read. This can differ in horror books, sci-fi, fantasy or a detective novel, etc....

What do you think of Tilburg as a Stad van Makers? 

I think Tilburg is a very artistic city. Everywhere I go I see art or people working with art. Because Tilburg is really a student city, I quickly got the feeling that I belong here despite being a real Hagenees. There is a nice climate and I don't know exactly why, but when I walk around here I feel a creative atmosphere.

Do you have any tips for other creators?

Take distance. Distance yourself from your piece/artwork. Ask others for their opinions and make connections. It is very helpful and important to know people within your field and even more important to make connections outside your field. It is a lot of fun to create interdisciplinary works purely because you can learn a lot from them. 

It is also okay to completely change what you had thought of if something doesn't work or if you have suddenly come to different insights.

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