Nicole van Hoof

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Could you introduce yourself?

I am Nicole van Hoof, 24 years old (1998), living in Tilburg and I make Dutch-language poetry pop under the name NICCI NOVA. Last summer, I graduated from the Rockacademie, majoring in Vocals and majoring in Own Act. Following that, I am now studying Pop Vocals at the Master of Music at FHK. 

Why did you choose to (continue) study at FHK?

I chose the Rockacademie in 2017, apart from the curriculum and the teachers, mainly for the atmosphere within the programme and the building. Everyone knows each other, no elbowing, but rather supporting each other and working together. It's also great that different art studies are in the same building and that you get to know students from these programmes. I chose the Master of Music at FHK because of the freedom you get. You have the opportunity to compile your curriculum almost entirely yourself, which allows you to focus on what you want. You choose the subjects you work on, the teachers you want to learn from and the projects in which you can express this knowledge and experience.  

What inspires you and/or where do you draw inspiration from?

I am inspired by life. My writing is about what I experience, what happens in my environment, my thoughts. I write honestly and vulnerably, maybe sometimes too honestly. It's the stories and thoughts I don't dare to speak out loud, yet I feel the need to share them through my music. Terrifying, but at the same time so much freedom.

Musical and textual sources of inspiration are grand artists like Wende Snijders, Liesbeth List, Ramses Shaffy, Toon Hermans and Jacques Brel. But also artists like Eva Cassidy, Bonnie Raitt, Phoebe Bridgers. Actually, all the music and artists I listen to can inspire me and bring me something.

What do you think of Tilburg as a Stad van Makers? 

What I love about Tilburg as a City of Makers is the community of FHK, which means there are so many art and artsy people in the city. Also the diversity from pop concerts at Poppodium 013 to jazz nights at Paradox, and the squatter cellar of De Nieuwe Vorst where all kinds of art forms come together.

Do you have any tips for other makers?

My tip for other makers? Find the people who suit you. The people with a heart for your art and who want to invest their time, passion and talent in your work. You might be able to do it alone, but making together is much more fun. And believe in yourself, take your work seriously and stand for your craft, for what you make. If you do, so will others.

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